Guerlain Favourites Available From Fragrance Direct

Guerlain Lover 

If you've been here a while you know how much I love Fragrance Direct, they sell only practically every perfume in the world but their website is packed with beauty brands galore. My absolute favourite being Guerlain and these three items I'm about to share with you are enough to keep the beauty hoarder inside you quiet ... for now! 

Starting with my absolute must have beauty product for any women, something I would recommend to anyone looking for a new primer. The Guerlain L'or Radiance Concentrate With Pure Gold, that's right PURE GOLD who wouldn't want gold flakes sinking into their skin? Proven to give you a little help when it comes to firming, it can feel like it's giving you a face lift. It's hydrating formula leaves your skin looking and feeling beautifully, it's 24-carat golden flakes leave the most stunning glow on your complexion and I cannot get enough of it. For me, Guerlain primers are the best I have ever tried, they work well with any foundation I've used, even drugstore foundations transform into a high end finish thanks to Guerlain. 

I can't write a post about Guerlain without mentioning one of the best foundations out there, Parure Gold. With collagen boosting pigments and a formula that promises to leave your skin looking more youthful and glowing the more you use it, what isn't there to love about this makeup foundation? It's a thicker formula than what I've been enjoying lately but that hasn't stopped me reaching for it, although price wise it's on the more expensive side but who said money didn't buy you happiness? Or botox in a foundation? You can get yours HERE.

Lastly probably my most used lipstick, well it's a balm so whatever. The Guerlain KissKiss Roselip Tinted Lipbalm in Chic Pink is such a beautiful nude that complaints my lips and skin tone, or if like me you also just love a subtle hint of pink, Guerlain's KissKiss in Morning Rose is the most perfect 'your lips but better' colour. See them HERE.