Summer Scents With Fragrance Direct

Perfect Summer Fragrances 

Fragrance Direct have every scent for every occasion, so now summer has reared its head it's the ideal time to check out these two summery scents. My favourite of the two has to be the Valentino Donna, I've never tried a Valentino fragrance before so this was an exceptional treat to try to fall in love! It's quickly become my everyday fragrance which as much as I obviously love that I also hate as it goes so much quicker. There is nothing worse than finding a beautiful perfume that ticks all your boxes then dousing yourself init everyday and a few weeks later you're doing yoga poses trying to get the very last spritz out the bottle. 

The Valentino Donna is as summer as a perfume can get. It's extremely light yet it lingers all day without being overwhelming, it reminds me of everything girly and pink. Think picnic basket full of gorgeous peonies, you're wearing a stunning light powder pink dress - something you would wear to Ascot and you're walking through the most picture worthy countryside. For me, a fragrance that can take you places and make you feel a certain way is a perfume that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

Hot Pink Is The Trend 

From one fabulous glass bottle to another, Narciso Rodriguez For Her Musc comes in a hot pink bottle to catch your eye and with every spray it takes you into a floral paradise. The few times I've taken it out of my handbag so many people have asked what it is because of its vibrant outta packaging and punching scent. I think I've said it before but I love light fragrances that pack a good punch so the people around you know it's you they're smelling - LOL, that sounds so weird! 

The Narciso For Her Musc is the follow-up scent from the bloggers favourite Narciso Rodriguez Poudree which is in another stunning bottle that boasts nude vibes for days!! They both make for pretty decor on your dressing table or shoved into the deep dark depths of your handbag, you won't regret trying this fragrance.