The Best Fake Tan, I Claim?

I've tried Sienna X at least a year or so ago and loved it then. Sienna X is actually the first and only salon spray tan I've ever tried so I've alway wanted to achieve the same level of tan when ever looking at fake tans. Funny enough the last time I even had a spray tan was when I was 21, I'm 29 now so I'm sure there is more of a variety when choosing a spray tan. 

Anyway, if you're looking for a tan that will take you from milk bottle white to Caribbean holiday in hours then you've found it. I've always gone for more 'instant tans', I treat my tanning routine as if it were part of my make-up routine. I like to wash it off at night and re-apply in the morning, however this particular Sienna X 1 hour self tan tinted lotion fake tan develops over a few hours. The longer you leave it on the darker it gets, I do the morning school run pale and pick up the kids like I've just come off a 4 week holiday from the Maldives! 

It doesn't smell like fake tan, the overall finished colour is absolutely like nothing else I've ever tried when it comes to tanning products! It's so beautiful and instantly makes me feel confident! It has the slightest gorgeous golden glittery glow that just adds to how amazing this product is! It also doesn't streak or patch and when it comes to washing off it fades beautifully too! Leaving an even base ready for you to take on the day! 

I genuinely recommend you try this fake tan if your also a self tanning lover like me! I get why people can't be bothered doing it, some days I'm like 'oh, I'll have a day off' then I go outside, greet the public and instantly regret it! I receive such lovely compliments too when I wear the Sienna X tan. 

I'd love to know what tanning products you'd recommend?