DSC00238As you will know I love all kinds of stationery, from pens to notebooks anything and everything I’ll just keep it and not even use it sometimes, it’s that pretty I can’t bare ruin it, so when I was sent some Busy B pieces you can imagine how ecstatic I was

They definitely have a theme going through their stationery – everything is floral or spring inspired, which is perfect for this time of year. Their pieces instantly lighten your mood. If you’re updating your address book or jotting down your shopping list, the Busy B stationery line will be sure to cheer you up

I received an address book and a date free calendar so I can add which ever dates I see fit or even keep it for next year. Unfortunately I don’t tend to write down addresses nor do I like to add my own dates to planners/dairies but for those that do these specific Busy B items would be perfect



Front cover 


As you can see the undated spiralled flip planner features a slip behind the calendar where you can store any important letters or notes needed for that specific month, I clearly stored my make up brushes in it 



After the first page on opening it shows a dated calendar for 2015 and 2016 so you know what’s what and when



Here is the front hardback cover of the Busy B address book 


Inside cover 



The inside pages, decorated with alphabet sections for address organization 



This is the back page, you can’t really see the stickers included, which I love, it gives it that extra personal touch and you don’t usually get that these days with address books


Have you tried any of the Busy B stationery yet? Drop me a comment