DSC00555Tell me if you haven’t at least once not had the time to maintain your hair colour, whether that’s via the salon or if you do a DIY job yourself, Colour WOW is a powder that you brush onto the root of your hair using what’s like an eyeshadow applicator just larger to cover up any root showing even grey hairsDSC00552

I dye my hair myself, I know, I know I shouldn’t but honestly I am yet to find a reliable hairdresser that knows what he/she is doing and will also maintain the same standard each time I go to them. So on the purpose of trialing this product I did not dye my hair for 4-6 weeks when my roots really started to show

I have very dark brunette hair but not quite black, the natural colour that comes through my hair is a much lighter brown, when I was younger I was bright blonde then as I got older my hair become very dark brown – I then qualified as a hairdresser from scratch so you can imagine what colours and styles I have had over the years


Anyway, my roots were a very different colour to the rest of my dark locks so instead of colouring my hair again, to give it some rest from the intense at home DIY kits I used the Colour WOW Root Cover Up. The applicator comes doubled ended with a large and small brush, it suggests to use the smaller brush for a more precise application but I did prefer the larger end

You just apply the powder you would as if you were putting on eyeshadow to a brush and go over your roots, it wasn’t messy at all and as soon as you brush the powder onto your hair you can see the results immediately. The powder clings to the strands of your hair covering any sins it may show otherwise

I left it a few minutes to set in and brushed it through and the powder stayed in place which is amazing !!

The Colour WOW Root Cover Up comes in various colours for all hair types from Platinum light blonde to black, Colour WOW has thought of every hair colour so no one misses out, I completely recommend this beauty product – if you want to give your hair a rest from dying it, or I imagine if you just wanted to play around with a different root colour this would be perfect (see below picture for what I mean)

PicMonkey CollageYou can get yours here for £28.50 which is a great price considering what it does plus ( I just thought of another way you could use it ) If you wanted to grow out your hair but cannot stand that in between colour then this is PERFECT for that, in fact I think I may just try it myself !!

Also I love the packaging 10/10 – it ticks all the right boxes for me, it’s light weight and you can carry it with you whilst on the go plus it’s mirror completely wins me over, anything with a mirror I’ll take it haha !!


Have you tried the Colour WOW root cover up? How do you dye your hair? Drop me a comment