'' I Got 99 Problems, But My Eyebrows Ain't One ''

Eyebrows have been the main focus of the beauty industry these last few years, YSL Beauty have recently released not one but four new eyebrow products to take you from Poundland to Harrods in a swipe of a pencil. Couture Brows With YSL Beauty, it's exactly what you'll receive from this range. I am absolutely in love with all four products and I cannot recommend them enough to you, with a special mention of the Couture Brow which is a 'brush application'. 

So What Are The Latest Products?

Couture Brow

Couture Brow Palette

Couture Brow Marker 

Couture Brow Pencil 

What Do They Do?

They give you the best set of eyebrows you've ever had. Touching back on the Couture Brow, this little brush refines your eyebrow hairs, fixes them into place as well as shaping them perfectly. I can use this on its own or after I've used the Couture Brow Pencil to add length and fulness. The same with the Couture Brow Palette, having three shades to use, the lighter at the front of your eyebrows and then the darker shade for the mid-end of your eyebrows. Again you can then set your eyebrow hairs with the Couture Brow.

Finally the Couture Brow Marker, this is exactly what it sounds like. An eyebrow marker for your brows, I like it!! I have used it to darken my eyebrow hairs instead of drawing hairs on. Using it either way gives the same effect in my opinion, it's just down to preference.