It's A Handbag Love Affair 

It's only obvious I would love the top handle trend so much more than the average consumer. I've chosen my top 6 black handbags that are perfect for all kinds of occasions. Being a busy mum of two my handbags turn into everyone else's, from leaking juice bottles, sticky lollipops, toys upon toys that have to come everywhere we go! So the right size handbag needs to be perfect for all the things!! 

Over the last three years I've only bought handbags from Zara or Mango. I find they've really kept up the fashion game, especially Mango producing a few designer dupes, that you can check out in my earlier post HERE. They have all held up amazingly which is my biggest plus, bar how fabulous their collections have been recently. 

For as long as I can remember big tote handbags have been my thing, structured and big enough to get plenty of compliments from strangers which I absolutely love! It gives me such a boost when someone I don't know likes something I'm wearing / have. The same goes for returning compliments to people it's such a fuzzy feeling when you do it. So do more of that please!