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Today I start the gym, I promised after having my daughter I would lose what ever baby weight I gained and start the gym and rid of it forever, but it just doesn’t work that way

Everything kinda gets in the way, but today I have geared myself up for the gym, I haven’t bought any protein shakes or anything fancy just yet – I wouldn’t know where to start really, so if you have any input please feel free to drop me a comment

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I started the gym early last year and I seen results in a week so I know what can be achieved if I put my mind to it – I’m also trying to drag my sister along with me, she promises to come tomorrow ( yeah yeah )

Sooooo … this was only a quick one because I know if I put it on here I can not, not go, I will post before and after’s when I feel brave enough lol and even better a vlog at the gym but we’ll see how messy I get

Trim body here we come – WOOWOO !!