What To Get Daddy For Father's Day 

If like my Dad, your Dad is also awkward to buy for you may agree that opting for a fragrance gift is the most ideal and perfect option there is. My Dad has been through it the last few years, health wise and he just deserves the world, since he hasn't been able to work he has grown so close to my children (not that he wasn't before) but where he is always home, he's always around to see them grow up. It is so beautiful to see the little jokes and things he has made up between himself and my daughter. If I could I'd buy him an Island but for now he can have these fabulous fragrances from Fragrance Direct

The best thing about Fragrance Direct at the moment is their Father's Day section HERE. You can answer a few questions in their Father's Day Hub, for a Father's Day fragrance finder. It came out that I should choose a Lacoste fragrance because he LOVES Rugby, he is Welsh after all - it's as if it's in the men's blood here - HA!  

Father's Day Gift Ideas 

All three of these fragrances scream Dad scents to me. Firstly CK Eternity is so iconic. I think everyone and their Grandad has smelt this manly aftershave. It's such a light fragrance yet has notes of warming wood and sage combined with lavender and jasmine, creating a great Father's Day Gift.

Next is Davidoff Cool Water, apart from my Mum swooning over the advert every time it comes on the TV, this fresh, inexpensive aftershave is perfect for anyone that wants the fabulously designed bottle, manly scent but without the big price tag. 

Lastly Hugo Boss BOSS BOTTLED TONIC, which is another fresh, spring like scent. I think these types of fragrances for men are perfect for covering up any unwanted sweaty smells when they're out and about cheering on their fav' sports team, or if it's just while they're breaking a sweat downing their most loved beverage. 

Here are some of the other gorgeous fragrances you can buy from Fragrance Direct.

CK One 

Joop WOW! 

Hugo Boss The Scent

Hugo Boss Hugo Man 

Gucci Guilty

Gucci Guilty Absolute 

Gucci Made to Measure 

Lacoste L.12.12 Magnetic or Blanc 

CK Euphoria Man