It's Me Time

As a mother to two children, ages nearly 5 & 3 it's obvious I have my hands full all day everyday! So when ever I can slip away and get my nails done, I'm not just having my nails done. I'm having an hour away from being mum, I don't need to think about what the kids are up to, who's killing who? Or what mess they've made now! All I need to do is ponder of which nail shade I want, that alone is a task for me because I'm either a pinky/sheer nude kind of girl or the deepest darkest red and there is no in-between. 

Choosing where to have your nails done is another important factor, I've recently changed where I go and I can't believe I've actually waited this long to try them. I've tried a good few nail salons and beauticians and I still hadn't found what I was looking for, there's a balance of being convenient and professionalism, I find the beauticians I've tried that have beauty rooms at home become unprofessional quite quickly and you fall into that are they your friend trap? Which they aren't You are paying them to do your nails and to void the silence they ask you anything and everything even when you just want to sit there and take it all in. 

Other nail salons have either been so busy you are pushed from one person to another just so they can keep up with the demand. So you never get the same result as the last time because you are always with a different nail technician. Cost also comes into play, the majority of places now only charge £5 for gel polish instead of the usual nail polish, however 1 or 2 places still charge an extra £10 for the service which unless it's by a higher end salon then they just can't justify it if you ask me. 

I love just going about my day and catching a glimpse of my hands/nails whilst I'm doing whatever it is I'm dong and seeing how much more prettier they look after having them done, I always get acrylics/gels. Since I've changed salons the last set of nails from there lasted over 6 weeks with no lift or chips or anything! So impressive when your nails can last through your busy days.

What I Like 

I have such big hands, so it's taken a long time to find what works for me. Nail length, shape and colour is really that important to me because it all matters to how elegant and 'less manly' my hands looks. Since I've been going to Nail Art on Albany Road, Cardiff - Chloe who's done my nails both times is just a talented genius !! 

It's like she already knows how I want my nails and off she goes, the nail shape is a beautiful slightly longer and slim oval shape, she creates the nail so it looks more natural than I've ever had it before. Chloe also files down the back (or is it the front?) of the nail so they are thin just like my own would be, they mimic the perfect nail shape for my long fingers and they instantly make me feel that much more of a women. 

Nail Art have always accommodated me with appointment times as they can change a lot if I'm relying on someone to watch the kids whilst I go. If I've ever needed to cancel there has never been an issue with re-booking or impoliteness. Nail Art has always been bust but never over crowded there is a very relaxed atmosphere and I believe all salons should follow their suit, the staff are all extremely friendly and I feel so welcome there which is important! I've always just had Chloe doing my nails so I have the same result as always. 

Tell me what you like doing on your own, is it shopping? A beauty related treatment? Or reading a book while someone else watches over your little devils angels!