First Of All 

Let me just say soz' I didn't give the Cloud Nine Curling Wand the credit it's due. Yes I included it in my 'This Month I Love' post and yes featured it across social media BUT you need to know how fantastic it is, so here is a whole post just for it! 

My niece (pictured) is a 21-year-old women that goes out into town most weekends, she always asks me to do her make-up for her - standard auntie duties. She usually wears her hair straight in different styles but this time I was all 'nah-uh honeeeyyyy' let's try the curling tong and see what happens. NOW ... she has never been able to successfully curl her own hair, even at the hairdressers her hair just doesn't hold the curl. I'd like to think that's down to poor tools and bad hairdressers, so I sit her down and section off her hair not even into small sections either just grabbing whatever wherever! 

I spritz the tiniest amount of hairspray across her hair, not even close either I don't want to crisp it up! Next I put my cute little glove on that comes with the Cloud Nine Curling Wand - which is a LIFE SAVER !! You can't feel anything through it which makes my life a lot easier, I take a section of her hair and wrap it around the wand and count to eleven. Don't ask why I've decided 11 seconds? But it just seems to really do the trick - perfectly!

The Result 

Once you've done the whole head you're left with this, Goldie Locks's hair - so my niece doesn't run into the three bears on her night out I grab my absolutely amazing, the only brush I'll ever use - Wet Brush and gently brush through the curls. It naturally plumps up the hair, adding volume and body. The waves are subtle yet effective which is what I love so much about the Cloud Nine Wand

It's the first wand I've enjoyed using both on myself and other people with a 100% success every time. I don't use a lot of hairspray afterwards either because that will also ruin the effect your going for when creating soft waves. 

I highly recommend this product especially with Christmas and the Christmas Party season already here, you can buy yours HERE.