Too Good To Be True?

Well it isn't, I cleared my skin in 8 days with the Panasonic Electric Facial Cleansing Brush. Much to my amazement my skin has never looked or felt so good, I've tried various other electric face brushes and at the time I've thought WOW, this is it! But then something better comes along and really impacts my skins overall condition and the rest become something that has just passed the time by. Let's start with what happened on each day I used the Panasonic Facial Brush;

Day 1 - First impressions are 'where has this been all my life' - the blackheads on my nose look defeated - SUCCESS! 

End of Day 1 - There's a new friend on my face in the form of a spot!

Day 2 - Ive woken with a few more spots across my chin, this is where I usually break out before my period each month and it's where most of my black head/pores build up is. 

Day 3 - Using the device in the shower isn't a chore but a luxury, I can really feel it cleaning my skin thoroughly and although I have more spots than ever I know it's from trapped dirt in my skin now being freed thanks to Panasonic Beauty.

Day 4 - Blackheads have cleared the most they ever have in all my life, still going through all the stages of spots but I know the result will be worth it.

Day 7 - My skin is clear and glowing 

The Best Bit

The best thing for me is the brush head specifically to use on your T-Zone. I genuinely believe this is Panasonic's secret weapon and it's what gives them the upper hand on other facial brushes on the market. It's compact head and bristles allows deeper cleaning movements without damaging the skin. I cannot love or praise this product enough for how it has helped my skin, I can't say I had really bad skin before but using it everyday since its first use and those first few days of spots I haven't had anymore since - like sorry is that magic? I think so! 


What Skincare Products I've Used 

Of course I can't give all the credit to Panasonic, but with the help of these two Pixi Beauty products my skin has renewed itself and all I've had are compliments which I still can't believe. I absolutely love both products, the Glow Mud Cleanser is surprisingly amazing, it smells so fresh and you know it's really getting into your skin and cleaning it. The same for the Pixi By Petra Peel & Polish, it's gritty texture gets into my skins texture and you can feel it removing any dirt or roughness on your skin.