makeup_suitcase_with_white_thread_kc ist01_4.jpg  3508×2480A few weeks ago some of the Irish beauty bloggers I stalk posted about the Inglot Make Up Suitcase’s that have launched and to celebrate they were gifted something I have always lusted over and can never seem to find anything like it, until now …

Cleverly disguised as a normal suitcase but inside hides the real magic – compartments a-plenty with a huge fold out mirror decorated in LIGHT BULBS !!! YES !!!!!!!

I know, Inglot have created a Make Up Artists dream – a Hollywood Mirror and a storage space all in one – GENIUS, that’s exactly what it is – it’s only £210? I think they may be slightly more the bigger the case you go, but some crazy people pay that just for a mirror – well Inglot has cut out the middle man here for us, haven’t they !!

This will forever be on my monthly wish list until it’s beauty is mine, mine, mine !!

Not just MUA’s but everyone can enjoy the Inglot Make Up Suitcase – for travel or set up in your bedroom, it’s so pretty that you could take it anywhere – I know I would be especially with that fabulous Hollywood Mirror hidden away in there

I’d love to know if you have one? Or would you purchase one? I think I’ll have to starve for the next week, my YouTube channel will most definitely need this as its main focus !! Inglot I’m coming for you !!