Talk About Eating My Own Words 

I don't like to bring negative things to light on but this is something you cannot ignore. Anyone that want's / has lip fillers should be aware of this and what to do if you also have been banished by the practitioner. Let's do some show and tell first and then I'll explain more, I'm embarrassed by myself that I am now 'eating my own words' over SkinFix Aesthetics, and will take this experience with me forever. 

Every picture that has been uploaded to this post will show it's original date that's been taken via my iPhone via the LIVE feature so any discrepancies that anyone may have will be debunked immediately 🙂 

Let's Start At The Beginning 

You would already know of my raving reviewing for SKinFix Aesthetics. I initially seen her on 22/06/2017 where she gave me a consultation, assessed my lips there and took into account what I wanted to achieve as I said in my initial review. You'll notice my review has now been deleted as well as the one on the SkinFix Aesthetics FB page and replaced with an updated review. The pictures above show the state of my lips prior to seeing Natasha that is SkinFix Aesthetics, you will notice they haven't been doctored in anyway and are the originals. They show no signs of lumps or bumps or misshapenness. 

The pictures below were taken to document the swelling after the procedure. 

Moving On 

The timeline in the pictures will show you how my lips settled following the 1ml Volift filler, many practitioners were stunned to know that SkinFix Aesthetics was able to create such a mess of my lips and so many lumps because Volift is known for it's thin consistency so it's unlikely you will get any lumps at all. 

On the 06/07/2017 I went back to SkinFix Aesthetics where she tried massaging the lumps out of my lips where I hadn't been successful on my own. We talked about having more filler which of course I wanted because all I have ever wanted is BIG LIPS, everyone and anyone that knows me knows how much I love having a big pout that balances out my awful nose and just makes my face more symmetrical. 

Before Natasha added the extra mil, she took photos of the lumps in my lips to show to the person that trained her, they would be able to determine what to do and how to fix the issue. This person is a registered Dentist.

Below are the pictures after having half mil of Volift distributed through my top lip alone, after I got up from the beauty bed and looked in the mirror, there was an immediate hanging down lump on the one side of my lip as if I had 'ham' hanging off it, I was assured by Natasha that this was just 'swelling'.


What you can see from the pictures I have provided with the dates added as well as the whattsapp conversation between Natasha and I, she did not want to deal with this situation. She fully admits ' she hasn't been trained in all problems' then should you really be giving out 'advice' or lip fillers if you cant deal with an issue if it arises? I humoured Natasha after days of getting no where and went to my GP surgery to feel embarrassed was an understatement. The DR kindly had a look at my lips to of course said she wasn't sure what she was meant to be looking for, because when you have a cosmetic precedure the person that administered it should also be sorting the problem out. As there were no obvious infections/cysts or tropical diseases it was back to Natasha to report on what the DR had said. As you can see form the screenshots, getting a GP's advice is no longer needed but it must be a dentists. 

I don't have a dentist, I'm not registered with one and if I have a dental issue I see an emergency dentist. I was not prepared to PAY to go private nor embarrass myself further to ring the emergency dental line and explain what weird drama was going on. I contact Safety In Beauty, you know the unsung hero of the cosmetic world? Well Antonia who runs the campaign literally jumped into action, she's actually on holiday yet still HELPED me and my sorry lips, along with Antonia's help and Rebecca the owner of MAC Aesthetics I travelled from Cardiff to Birmingham yesterday at the last minute where MAC kindly offered with zero fee to fix the problem that SKinFix Aesthetics left me with. 

Because the lumps were more of less on the surface we were able to pop the biggest ones and literally express (squeeze) the filler out, Hyalase was added to dissolve the remaining filler. I have never felt pain like it, I was ashamed at what position I got myself into, what I allowed someone to do to me to leave me in such a mess. My lips were left disfigured and vile by SkinFix Aesthetics and has allowed another practitioner to fix her work for her. 

The professionalism, kindness and warm welcome from everyone at MAC Aesthetics makes me tear up, that these women do not have to help me fix this problem but they did without a second thought. I am forever thankful to The Safety In Beauty Campaign, Antonia for being her kickass self, Rebecca and her team at MAC Aesthetics for being so lovely and kind to me. I thought I'd be forever the lumpy monster lipped girl but not anymore. 

Although slightly swollen and bruised from expressing the filler and dissolving the rest with Hyalase, I'm relieved that my nightmare is over. I've contact SkinFix Aesthetics for a comment and she wishes to not add anything but I feel its relevant that the screen shots I have provided are important and vital to this story. Natasha states she is a nurse, but is currently researching for the Arthritis charity, unfortunately when I search for Natasha's details on the registered nurse websites for the UK - NMC - Nurse & Midwifery Council she doesn't come up, nor being a registered nurse for cosmetic procedures - BACN - British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses. I feel this is also another important fact I need to mention, of course if Natasha can confirm otherwise then I'll update that. 

Natasha also refers to lumps from Bamboo, I cant recall I had any lumps when they did my lips BAR 1 at the front, it wasn't noticeable but Bamboo were made aware of this problem also and they too IGNORED ME, even after Natasha convinced me that this was all Bamboo's fault and they caused damage to my lips I still emailed them for help to which they still continue not to address the issue. I cannot give you their reply because they haven't bothered to email me about anything. 

If SkinFix Aesthetics thought for a second or any practitioner that my lips were in a bad way or needed to be dissolved first because of existing lumps then this alone should have been address or at least she could have said ' i'm not adding filler until you have resolved this issue' - I think the whole experience has been an absolute diabolical nightmare. Please see below screenshots of my initial review on SkinFix's FB page and I then removed it replacing it with a  more updated status - unfortunately her BEST FRIEND from Realistik Beauty in Swansea, (screenshots of how I know she's her BFF can also be shown) couldn't wait to try and put my experience down by leaving this comment.