Hey guys so I have some fabulous news, What’s That Scent are giving away a years supply of Yankee Candles !!! Sorry WAIT Whaaaattt ?!?!?

All you have to do is run along to their Facebook Page, LIKE – COMMENT on the competition post and BADABOOMBADABING !! You’re in with a chance of receiving a large Yankee candle each month – with the selected fragrance you desire for the next 12 months

It won’t even take you a month to burn a large Yankee candle so HELLO !! Might as well be a life time supply of Yankee candles – I can see the love hearts in your eyes now !!

And the concept behind What’s That Scent? You know when you want an amazing smelling candle but with all those crazy candle names you don’t know where to start? Well What’s That Scent will compelle¬†reviews full of whether you should buy 5 at one time or stay well away by describing it’s scent – fool proof, Obviously

What’s That Scent sent me a large Yankee Candle in the scent ‘Fluffy Towels’ OHMY … !! I could sniff it all day !! So I will for sure be entering myself into their generous competition


Do you have a specific scent that you can’t stop obsessing over?